I was able to take some “me-time” over the weekend despite the persistent headache. I woke up very early last Saturday morning to do the laundry as I need to attend a 7:30 am Parent-Teacher conference and get DD’s report card for the First-Trimester period. I thought that the meeting will transpire in two hours but there was really no meeting held, only the distribution of card. So I only get to spend five minutes in school. DD’s general average for the 1st trimester: 86.44. She excelled in Language and Reading (88.++) and lowest is Mathematics (82.++).

So the weekend was all about sleep and house chores. Kids attended a birthday party last Sunday afternoon. Prior to that, around 1 pm, I told the kids to take their afternoon nap first before they could attend the party. But,  they were still wide awake at 2:30 pm so I told them that they won’t be attending the party anymore and that we’ll all go to sleep. I was half awake when I heard the kids talking to each other ( they thought I was sleeping). I could really sense how excited they were for the party.

(Can’t really help but smile whenever I remember this conversation, they really seem so grown-ups!)

G: “Magbihis ka na Nicco, wag ka mag-alala, dadating na si Daddy para sunduin tayo papunta sa party”

N: ” Hindi nga pwede d ba? magagalit si Mama kasi di tayo natulog eh.

G: “Hindi yan,  nagjo-joke lang yan si Mama, tignan mo pagdating ni Daddy, aalis  tayo”

‘Doorbell rings’ , I could hear the kids running to open the door. They were so happy and shouting as the Daddy wakes me up and told me to dress up the kids. I told him about the ‘not sleeping incident’ and jokingly told them that nobody’s going out (ako na ang kontrabida!) After a while, I told them to dress up and from then, I could only see smiles and giggles. They were really indeed for the party. hehe!

DH was the one who did cook most of the dishes for our neighbor’s party, so I had some pasta overload that afternoon.  I still got headache until yesterday, we went to the mall after office to do some grocery shopping and had DD’s school shoes fix, kids got a mini reward too, an eraser! a miniature designs of sweets like donuts, cupcakes and ice cream. Will update this later this evening for the photo.

So that sums up on what’s latest on me, it’s all about family and sleep and headache. 😀

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