Weekend Plans

We actually intend to just stay at home this weekend, do the usual weekend chores and hang around with each other. I am done with the laundry and was able to take rest and sleep around noon, while the kids were on their usual play time schedule up until this afternoon. Next week will be the little boy’s first quarter examination so we have to do some review lesson by tomorrow (Sunday). So I have to finish all of my pending online and offline tasks tonight.

Come Monday, I might not be able to stay around the office for long as I need to go out and do some errands like bank transactions and going to Pag-Ibig to pay our monthly contribution. I’ll just have to do the inquiry with our suppliers on some cheap netbooks available for a client who were asking for a price and specs quotation. I am hopeful and positive for some possible good news this coming week.

One thought on “Weekend Plans

  1. Weekends spent just chilling with the whole family at home are simply the best. Nothing beats that in my book! Yup, kids are pretty busy these days with studying for exams. Happy weekend to you 🙂

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