Thankful Friday

Things have started to fall back into its proper places.

  • The sun came out yesterday
  • Health wise, kids are now doing ok. No more sickness like Dengue Fever that really scared us most, cough,colds… They are now back to their usual kulit mode. 😀
  • DH has well adjusted to the weather, time and daily routine schedule. He’s now back on being the kids’ school service 🙂 and we can now eat delicious and nutritious foods once again. Ahahaha!
  • I can now relax a bit upon reaching home after spending a whole day at work.
  • More than anything else, we are no longer missing the Daddy as the house is once again loud literally and figurative with his presence. lol!
  • Hopefully, I can start to do some of my love overdue pending tasks online- PBs, blog updates, photo back ups, etc…  I miss the online world. 🙂

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