My School Kids: THEN and NOW

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P1050032 P1080803


I was going over some photos of the kids when I saw the shots taken on their first day before going to school. Time flies and how they grew up so fast! The little boy is now in Junior Kinder level while his Ate is on her second grade already. I am happy to note that that they are both doing good in school and is starting to build a good study habits, though we’re still having a hard time to wake up the little boy for his morning class. 😀 Next month, will be the start of  challenge for me as I juggle my time between taking care of them and my day job as I solely need to take charge while DH is off for a month long vacation with his siblings in Australia. I am really hoping that my brother will be available at the end of the month to help me out while I am at work since I can’t take a long vacation off. Only if I could be a Work at home mom (WAHM), but that would be far from now since online tasks are scarce the past few months. But I am positive though and thankful still that I have been receiving a few despite the scarce in online opportunities.  I hope things gets better both in my online and offline activities.

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