Android Phone

Been thinking for quite sometime now if I will upgrade my mobile phone. I had with me my Nokia C3 which serves and suits my need for social network activity which I often use- twitter and Facebook. But am now looking forward to my other needs work and blogging activity where I need to work on business documents over the phone as I am at times out of the office. Been reading and hearing raves of review about the htc desire hd. It is anAndroid smartphone with many features that are hard to ignore.

  • Microsoft office docs
  • with adobe and Flash support
  • 5MP camera
  • it still gets you go connect to social networks, Facebook, twitter and Google Buzz.
  • fast Download speed up to 14.4 Mbps.

Now all I need is the budget to purchase this one. lol! I know you will be mine too… Not too soon I guess, but you will be… 🙂 BTW, tomorrow is my birthday and I am open in receiving gifts such as this. Ahaha!

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