Pump Up Friday!

Woke up this morning around 4 am, sippin’ on my cup of coffee while uploading photos of DS’s educational FT over at my Facebook account. I’ll share those photos here by tomorrow since I can’t right now because I am already at the office. tehee! Travel from house to work is a breeze this morning too. Oh, I just love Fridays! 🙂

Now I am in the mood to work around on some tasks, I need to check out first on where to get some  engine driven pumps that my uncle asked me to search as they need one asap for the agricultural project that they need to do this coming summer season in the province. I need to buy some cd’s after office as need to sort out the cluttered photos around my desktop. Hope to be in the mood to do some photo albums that had been long pending in my artscow account.

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