Little Boy’s Educational FT (Photo Update) Part 1

I am suppose to make this entry last Friday night but I am to worried with the little boy’s condition, his fever went up and down and I was almost awake the whole bight looking after him. The whole Saturday was the same thing, on and off fever still, I am already getting paranoid since there are no signs of colds and coughs that often lead to asthma attack which are the usual health issues about him. We decided to head off early this morning to the ER on a nearby hospital to have him checked. We are so glad that the laboratory test on him are A-Ok. Platelet count normal and the others. Doctor said that it could be viral infection as his throat is a bit swollen. I am so proud of him too that the blood extraction was a breeze (he was near in tears, but cooperated well) considering that it was a first time experience for him.

Now I feel more at ease knowing that it’s nothing serious. Now going back to the photo updates of the little boy’s educational field trip, our first stop was at the Museong Pambata:

First theme room that we went to is all about Body Works:

kids were amazed seeing parts of the bodies in a humongous form. lol! It is a hands on exhibit were kids get to explore and touch them.












Next theme room is the Market Place:



I Love My Planet Earth Room, where kids gets entertained with the basic concepts of the climate change and other environmental concerns.

P1070749 P1070753










Old Manila-kids were acquainted with the old cultural things and places of manila.  Like the miniature Binondo Cathedral,  Galleon, Tranvia.





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