Weekend Schedule

I wasn’t able to follow my supposed to be schedule for this weekend. Last Friday night, I spent the whole night trouble shooting on PC as the Skype had its automatic update to 5.0 version, but it didn’t successfully worked as we could not log-in. Been trying to install-uninstall but no avail, update this and that thingy but nothing happened. I was really pissed off because I wasted a lot of time on it instead of doing research on mens vitamins for the husband as he was prescribed again for an additional vitamins to take by the doctor. Being a diabetic himself, we really have to monitor his health condition every now and then.

Come Saturday, the only thing I was able to do was the laundry and did try to work on the PC again in the afternoon for some online tasks but I only ended up trying to fix the YM program this time, because I couldn’t see the status of my contacts which is very unusual because all of them seems to be offline and I couldn’t see any profile images. I was only able to fix it last night and only accomplished one online task. Now I don’t want to deal on any fixing up as I need to focus on my tasks and updates for my blogs. My sister will be coming over later for a visit so I need to finish everything before they arrive.

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  1. everyone is having a hard time dealing with the new Skype. Good thing I haven’t upgraded mine. Haha! Great to meet you at facebook Pinay Mommy Bloggers! 🙂 visit me back at pinaymama(dot)com.

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