Sleep Tight BEN 10



I took this photo while my DS is taking his afternoon nap last weekend. I was busy looking around the net on where to get some salicylic acid facial online and have it deliver through a courier for my acne treatment that has been quite bothering me for sometime now. I was surprised and couldn’t help but took a photo of him    with his fave cartoon character.  He’s now into BEN10 that he freaks out seeing any kind of toys and accessories that has the character on it. See, he even sleeps with Ben on his side. lol! We got that toy over the “tiangge” near our place that he calls it toy kingdom with all the loots that fancies him. We actually have in mind of giving him his all time wish “omnitrix” as a Christmas gift. I can already picture his reaction upon seeing his Santa’s gifts a month from now. 

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