Productive Sunday

I woke up very early today to finish some online pending tasks and all of household chores too, laundry and ironing of school uniform and my office clothes that is!  Had an early breakfast and goes back to sleep around 9am again. Now I have my whole afternoon for some “me time” and study sessions for the kids as well. Yesterday, we were anticipating the typhoon ( it rained for about 30 mins. and thought that was it already as floods came in too fast) but learned that it will came today in northern part of our country.

Been having thoughts if I will go out later today to go to the salon for a haircut and eyebrow waxing or just push through with it by next week. It has been long in my list of to do’s as I am really getting irritated and experiencing hair fall that worries me a lot, I don’t know if its the side effect of having my hair rebonded a year ago or was it because I wasn’t able to to have a follow up treatment (only hot oil) afterward,  Hope that it will get fix and be able to regain that shiny crowing glory of mine.

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