Weekend Happenings

After finishing my laundry yesterday morning, we headed to my brother’s place as he did invited us all for a treat for my mom’s 64th birthday. They also moved out from their previous place to a more bigger and comfortable house that is just within the area. This is what we had for lunch and merienda.

Amber’s Spaghetti and my favorite Pichi-pichi. We also had Lechong Manok.




Kids as usual were on a riot as they did play all day long and don’t feel tired at all. Especially when they had A buko-pandan and Strawberry flavored ice cream in the afternoon. the boys were having the usual drinking session while we all watched movie in DVD. Mom was happy to see us her children gather just like the old times and I think and feel that its more than enough for her as a nice gift for her birthday, aside from the fact that Kuya will be giving her belated cash gift next week. LOL

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