The Wheel of Fortune

We never really knew what’s in store for us, all we could do is to be prepare and do whatever we think is good and what’s best for our family and our future. We never stop dreaming and works hard to put something on the table. Seeing my friend’s and previous classmates photo updates on Facebook, I must say that some of them have really gone far and are  already successful in their chosen career. Some maybe still struggling just like me, but I still consider my myself very blessed for having a family of my own, a work  and good health is enough reason for me to be grateful .

We may not be blessed materially and financially as others, the reasons above is far more valuable enough for me and I am still striving to do my best and a little persistent to find other ways and means to earn on the side and so I stumble upon the world of blogging where I sometimes earn more than my regular works paycheck. One by one, we were able to catch up on our basic needs and some more to spare for our wants. Who knows, we may be able to buy our very own dream house out of our pocket or even a car that we really need and have it  dressed up with nice and stylish accessories like projector headlights for a better view and safe travel while on the road. As they say, luck comes unexpectedly and its up to us how we deal with. As for me, it wouldn’t hurt to dream and pray for such blessings but we must learn to be thankful enough and be contented for what we have now.

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