My Collection: Keychains

We were busy cleaning up our room and saw keychains in one of the drawers, I actually didn’t noticed that they were “growing” a lot lately. Not that I am intentional keychain collector because mostly are gifts from friends and family as they would always hand us key chains as “pasalubong” whenever they go out of town or out of the country.

Key chains from Taiwan

The one at the middle was given by my childhood friend when we had our reunion a year ago. the two at the sides were from my boss.


And so the fondness with these cuties started and continuously received and appreciate it more after.


This was given by DH’s aunt from Las Vegas, I have two pieces of this, and the other one hangs gracefully on my office bag.

P1060167 P1060166

Australian Dollar Keychains, a Jeans for Genes keychain made specifically for an organization and was being sold for a fund raising campaign, we even have ball pens, rulers, etc. all from Genes for Jeans courtesy of our Ate (Ian’s sister) based in Australia.


The picture from left- A Malaysia City keychain and Australian map. The right picture is an Australian map in a flip flop design that hangs on my coin purse that I bought from Artscow.

Photo below from the left is from Ate too, and the one on the right was from Gia (DH’s niece) who went to Korea few months ago for a 3 month scholarship when she won in UP’s Korean Speech contest.

P1060173 P1060163

isama na din itong Mr. Softy key chain that my kids got from a promo when we bought an ice cream in cone at Megamall, they got to spin the wheel and got this as the prize. LOL!



P1060176 P1060177

All in all I was happy with all these as I got them all as souvenir gifts from friends and relatives, I can only wish that I may be able to travel around different places so I would be able to add  some more to these keychain collections. 😀

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