Loving the Long Weekend

I just love to cherish some moments being at the comfort of our home during long weekends without much activities to get busied with. Knowing and enjoying that your kids and DH are just within reached physically and I don’t have to dread walking outside in the afternoon at the peak of the heat of the sun, because I need to go to the bank for some transactions and I don’t have to rush home after office hours because it’s already traffic around after 5 p.m.. Oh well that’s the reality that I need to face everyday. Just a little patience and I know I’ll get over this. 🙂 I might be enjoying some activities like swimming at the comfort of our home in the near future. 🙂 who knows what’s ahead of us?! So as early as now I am looking around for some swimming pool supplies needed for our swimming pool in our future dream house. Having these supplies will be helpful enough to maintain the cleanliness and preserve the beauty of the pool. Dreaming is free and having it realized is the sweetest result of it. 😉

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