Goodbye GLOBE Hello PLDT DSL

   After more than a year of suffering from this scenario, where we always have red light on the internet which means that there is no connection, in which btw goes the same with the phone line. We have finally switched to PLDT. Applying in Globe was a breeze as they did install after a few days from the application date. But the problem appears right after a few hours. We did gave an ample time to observe if their system improves but to no avail. I just couldn’t stand anymore the need to rush things out on my online activities when there’s a problem with their system or when it’s raining and I can’t bear to hear those lip service “Sorry for the inconvenience” thingy from their CSR’s.

globe dslP1060203


The PLDT DSL was installed last Friday and the first thing I noticed is that I can now fully enjoy watching on some YouTube videos without waiting for 49 years of buffering like the ones we used to deal with at our previous Globe connection. Sites load faster than before and the phone line is a ok.. We  got the same plan as with the GLobe which is Plan990 Let’s see in a few more days for some other details to appear.. 🙂

One thought on “Goodbye GLOBE Hello PLDT DSL

  1. GLOBE DSL which is serving Iloilo has always been lagging since January 2010. Everyday, I only receive an average speed of 0.41 mbps where in fact I am paying for a 1mb subscription. Each time I complain over their hotline 173, they said that there is no problem with their system. But the truth is, the Cebu server is always down, in which Iloilo is under with. Until now, the problem is unresolved. Pity to those subscribers who do not know some technicalities regarding how Globe is serving them. The DTI and NTC offices should act on this.

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