Business Talk

It’s been quite sometime since we went to my parent’s place to pay them a visit. The kids have been missing them already, but our schedule is always stiff that we really couldn’t find time to visit them. Kids do regularly call them over the phone to greet and talk to them. Once our schedule’s fix, we will be going and visit them.

There are also some things that we really need to discuss like the business venture that we want to get down into. Not quite big, just enough to at least cover up for other some financial investments in the near future.

Mom even wanted to buy gold coins as per her friends’ recommendation, but I told her to make a research first to see how things will work out as dealing with such kind of business venture is quite risky since we all know how people react when they hear or see the word gold. Though its a promising business to get into and a good investment too as the value of gold appreciate as time goes by.

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