A Friend’s Dilemma

It’s been already a decade since I graduated from college, now do the math and count my age. Ahaha! Seriously speaking, I miss my single days then when things aren’t much complicated and don’t have that tough responsibilities yet. All I think was just studying and enjoying life with family and friends. Things are different now since most of us are busy with personal matters and most have their own family’s to look after. Especially my female friends who are busy being mom and housewife too.

Setting up a reunion is one great idea and it all started over at facebook, the wonders of technology that is! We’ve been reunited after a decade. And what would you expect for a gathering like this? endless talks and chit-chat about the past and catching up on each others lives. Familiar names and faces, I even get to see my female friend then who used to complain about herself being too hairy especially on her face. She’s still having this dilemma for over years now. We all did suggest to her to undergo a facial hair removal since its’ very easy nowadays to get over her problems with the high tech gadgets such as laser equipments and techy stuffs nowadays.

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