Where Am I?

Oh well, I am just around the corner. I know it’s been days since my last update on this blog and please bear with me since I can’t squeeze some time to get a worthwhile post here. I didn’t even got a birthday post just yet for my little boy who turned 4 yesterday! yay! 🙁

Here are some things on my lists of to do’s online:

  • blog, EC and Adgitized dropping.
  • personal post updates
  • sort/organizing of photos
  • uploading of photos to flickr and artscow
  • RENEWAL OF DOMAINS- expiration will be on July and Godaddy kept on emailing me of notices. 🙂
  • Finding new wordpress template for this and my other blog


  • bills to pay
  • covering of Nicco’s notebooks
  • Buy kids’ books and school materials
  • Buy school bags
  • organizing my work desk

Little by little I know I will be able to deliver 🙂

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