Vacation Holidays

We were not able to join in with my sil’s family on their beach outing, since we are on a long weekend vacation due to the announcement of May3 (Monday) as Regular non working holiday in lieu of the labor day holiday that falls on a Saturday. Nicco has a swimmers ear so we decided not to join in, he’s not allowed to got for as swimming for a couple of weeks to avoid any problems to arise as his ears are not fully healed yet.  Oh well, there will be always next time and next summer right?! Who knows, we might be able to go on a Barbados Holidays by then. We were still looking around for some cheap promos over the net and see if we can find a great deal.

Holiday treats are all over the net and can’t help but drool over the nice packages that i saw, oh if only we have enough funds for the Cuba Holidays at letsgo2. They have the package that covers a flight and a hotel, Letsgo2 works directly with the airline and accommodation that’s why they came up with a competitive packaging  that will suit you budget needs for a vacation holiday.

BAli Holidays is so tempting too as it is just within the same timezone as ours. Traveling will be less hassle to as it is just a couple of hours away from our country. They got some nice beaches too that are worth visiting and other cultural places too, their foods are must try too as a friend who’s been there have some rave reviews about the place. They also got an affordable package and travel treats too that will surely make you stay there as enjoyable and memorable experiences worth cherishing.  Summer’s not yet over, we still have month for that. 😉

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