Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I was too busy with some household chores in the morning and then we went to the mall (Robinson’s Pioneer) after lunch to buy the kids their rubber shoes for their school P.E requirements this coming June, we also bought some toys for the kids, Gabby had her Disney’s echo mic and Nicco his fishing toys ( he was even asking his Dad to buy him a boat so that he can go fishing. lol!) I wasn’t able to take a snap of them since they are busy playing with it.

Got these rubber shoes at great deals 😉


DH went to attend his Auntie’s 80th birthday at the Hotel somewhere in Alabang, I didn’t go with him as there will be no one to look after the kids. Nicco was using the PC all the time till evening and when I woke up at around 12 a.m as I heard the doorbell rang, I saw Nicco fell asleep already in the bed and leaving the PC running still. It was DH together with his sister and his bil. This morning, I did laundry some clothes again and DH went to attend a friend’s birthday party while the kids and I took an afternoon nap. We slept around 1 pm and woke up at 4. It was indeed refreshing and now I am in the mood to do some stuffs online and update my blogs. 😀

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