Beautifying our Garden

Last mother’s day we didn’t go out to celebrate, I was just around the house doing some household chores. Not that I’m complaining, but kids and DH were able to somehow made me feel special emotionally speaking :). I busied myself with tons of laundry and I was able to clean out a part of the garden area where some of our plants have dried up already. Knowing how terrible our weather this summer some of them were not able to survive the scorching heat of the sun despite keeping them with water every now and then.

Our garden looks so pale so to speak that  it badly needs some Landscape Design already. Since most of us were busy with our jobs, we were not able to maintain its beauty, plants have dried and died up, grasses grew up tall,  unlikely sight to view. We wanted to change the walkways already as it has been damaged during the typhoon. Another thing is the fish pond, it has been long waterless and fish less.  We are thinking if we’ll continue to have it  as pond or will just reconstruct it for another purpose like putting up a garden fountain perhaps. Now I am so excited to see a new and lively garden in our house soon.

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