Auto Allowance

Since some changes took place at the office last month, I have done updating all my lists of to do’s at my workplace. I always try to keep myself busy as I am again starting to feel/ get bored with the monotony of work I do. Part of the changes that took place is our company incurring an Auto Allowance program for the mobile employees, like the ones being offered by CRS, which offers favorable results for the employers and employees too. We now have two motorized technicians that usually goes out everyday to do some errands like pull-out of defective unit for repair, doing the collections to our customers and picking up orders from the suppliers. One of them had already been given a motor vehicle as his service unit, the other one is as bout to be given to in a few weeks time.

having a mobile employee is one way for the company to have a fast pace turn around that gives a more better and fast results and positive customer satisfaction feedback. Things are now more easy to do and a better communication is build up as work itself is concerned. By giving the employees such allowance program, they are in return inspired to work as ease and comfort has taken on their work.

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