Specialty Knives for Men

My dad is a collector of junk. ahahaha just kidding! It’s because he has too many collections of knick-knacks, from coins to magazines, ballpens, shirts, keychains, and even knives. Yup, he’s also collecting knives. It started then when his buddy gave one during their reunion and so the passion started to grow. He even went to Batangas to get good deals on butterfly knife or also known as “balisong” and wherever he goes, he makes it a point to know if the place has some knife for collectors like him.

I am now looking for some specialty knives that I could give to my father as a gift for him on his upcoming 76th birthday and another one for my brother who’s also looking for some knives as he used to own one while having a training class during his criminology days. I don’t know what’s in a knife that men really find it so special. Good thing that I saw this site that offers SOG Specialty Knives they give discounts for new customers and law enforcers. Their products are made of quality materials and of affordable prices, good quality service is another thing that they look into, ensuring that they could give the needs and satisfy their customers wants.

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