Medical Check Up

First week next month will be the scheduled check up with my OB. Its been six months since my last visit with her. I was diagnosed to have a PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) as seen on the Ultrasound result I submitted, I felt scared at first having the thought that it might be serious condition. But thank God that it wasn’t! The OB gave me some medicines to take and a quarterly scheduled Ultrasound for me to undergo and check if the cysts and myoma is increasing in size.

The clinic where I used to go to have my Ultrasound done was under renovation. The clinic informed me that they are still in search of Used Ultrasound ListingsĀ  so they could operate in soonest possible time. I came to know about that is a supplier of new and reconditioned used ultrasound systems & equipment, they are professionals and is known to be expert when it comes to perfect handling of buying and selling of such equipments, As we all know how costly are the prices of these equipments and with the kind of services that most of our hospitals here in our country offers are somewhat disappointing because they don’t have the necessary shipment s to use. It is good to know that they could now resort with the system of buying some used ones but in a good condition under care with the company likes of and they could deliver a good medical services already.

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