Elegant Earrings

I haven’t got the chance to sort out the gifts I received last Christmas, it’s not because there are plenty of them. ahaha! its just that I haven’t really got the chance to spare some time for it eh. But I saw this one accessory that the boss gave me, a bracelet embellished with sapphire stones. Don’t know if its real, but it’s a gift so I have to be thankful instead of criticizing if it’s genuine or not. hehe.

Since I will be attending a grand reunion this mid year I am in search of a nice faux sapphire earrings to pair it with the bracelet gift I received. Saw some pretty and elegant collections of it at holstedjewelers.com with different types, size and shapes a wide variety of choices indeed. I must say that I found the perfect place to get a nice deal since their products are all fashionable and affordable as well.

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