Saturday 9: Games People Play

1. What was your favorite active game as a child? Running around until we get tired!

2. What was your favorite board game as a child? Scrabble!

3. Tell us about a friend you played these games with in your youth. They are my childhood friends in which we still get in touch every now and then up to now!

4. What is your favorite card game? Solitaire, That’s he only one I know. lol!

5. What board games do you enjoy now? Still scrabble!

6. Do you play video games? Which ones? Nope, not into it!

7. Tell us about the friends you play games with now. I only play with my kids now. ahaha

8. Do you play any sports now? No longer active in sports, but Badminton’s my favorite!

9. What’s your favorite sport to watch? Basketball and Volleyball!

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