School Days are Here Again

On Monday will be the opening of school year 2009-2010 class for most of the students, some of them will be on the second week, my daughter is pretty excited already as she turns Kinder Senior this time. Its a good thing that we were able to buy her school stuffs’ a month ago that we don’t even have to beat the last minute syndrome, cramming that is! lol.

As we were watching news last night, they had featured those boarding houses located at the University belt wherein authorities are checking the safety of the building premises and if their fire exits are properly maintained, too bad that a lot of them failed to pass the standards in putting up their exit signs. Most of the places they visited are too narrow and is not conducive for students to lodge.

EXIT SIGNS are very important during emergency cases so that people could easily find the way out and secure themselves out of fire or some danger that are risky for ones safety. exit sign should be properly place and should pass quality standard in accordance to law, it is definitely essential for them to follow it so as not to be sorry in the end. We should never put the student’s lives into risk by being neglectful and fulfilling our duties and responsibilities as their landlords.

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