The Holy Week that Was

Tomorrow will gonna be Easter Sunday and everything will be back to normal again next week. If only I could freeze the time. LOL! though I did really feel a good break from office work since were off the whole holy week. What have I done the whole week
Holy Monday- Just stayed home and did some long overdue cleaning and organizing of stuffs in our bedroom.

Holy Tuesday- stayed home and had bonding time.

Holy Wednesday- stay home still, did some online stuffs such as uploading of photos, updating of blogs, online tasks.

Holy Thursday- off to a Visita Iglesia HERE. stayed at our parents place.

Good Friday- Our Kuya came together with his whole family, had a small gathering at my parents place.

Black Saturday- Went to our Kuya’s place and went to Robinsons Pioneer as it was on regular business operation on a black Saturday.

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