Marching on…..

Here comes the fire preventive month which also signals that summer is finally here. Gabby’s final and fourth quarter exam will start tomorrow till Thursday, come Friday will gonna be their TOGA pictorial. March 20 will be the culminating day. I am happy to see that Gabby have improved a lot in terms of her comprehensive ability, she could also clearly write her name.

On the other hand, Nicco’s development is also noticeable now that he’s 2 years and 10 mos. he could talk clearly and not that”bulol” anymore. We are so proud that we were able to raise 2 beautiful and charming kids. Though you could imagine how hard it is to raise a pre-school and toddler at the same time. Sometimes, things gets out on hand that there are some incidents that I could not contol my temper. Screaming at the top of my voice whenever these two kids show episodes of tantrums, fighting over a piece of toy, food, pencil, crayons, cup of water, pillow and even on catching our attentions. But I can say that it’s all worth it whenever we see accomplishments they make. Kids wouldn’t be kids if they are not like that, right?!

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