Where have I been?

I am just around…………

Doing some senseless surfing over the net. ahehe. I am trying to make a photobook and have signed up with artscow! since they are offering a promo wherein you have to only pay for the shipping fee and they do accept paypal payment. But I am having a hard time since I couldn’t install the silver lighting software on my computer. I opted to use the free prints instead, but then again my free credits have lapsed already. Haay, I have exhausted so much effort but in the end I have accomplished nothing!

Now I have neglected some of my other duties online and offline world. I even have passed on some blogging tasks because of these things! I am not giving up though but will just do these if I have an extra time that’s if I got any. I still have so many pending things to do in the office, I still have to prepare the SSS, philhealth and Pag-Ibig payment which is due early next week. I think I need to clear off my office tasks firsts and will be back on my blogging mode soon.

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