The Week That Was #2

It’s been my second week and I am loving this portion as it wraps out what went through my week and looking back to what have I accomplished and activities that I’ve done.


  • It’s a non-working day, just stayed home and lazed around
  • had lots of “me” time and I love it!

  • this marks as the first day of work.
  • another so. so. day for me. was a boring day


  • Too busy uploading photos while doing some office works
  • busy going back and forth to the bank doing some errands


  • was so pissed off here
  • surf the net as I wanted to shop for some mineral make-up
  • found 2 sites but I prefer the one locally since I couldn’t bear to wait some couple of days waiting for my goods to arrive, but the one I have placed my orders on locally haven’t replied on me yet so I didn’t know the status of my p.o

  • Went to bank this morning for some bank errands again
  • follow-up collections
  • prepare SSS, Philheath and Pag-Ibig Contributions payment which is due early early next week.
  • have finally placed my order for my Belle De Jour 2009 Planner in one of the authorized reseller here Charlene was very accomodating with my queries. She told me that I will be receiving it early tomorrow! heee. Have sent an email to Candice about cancelling the reservation I’ve placed with her. What’s good thing about it is that they are accepting Paypal payment though she charged me an extra 2% which didn’t matter though since she told me that I will have it early tomorrow!
  • I am now blogging this thing right at this very moment here at the Office! No more pending tasks to do eh!
  • grocery later and buy gifts for I will be attending a baptism on Sunday!

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