Spending Wisely On Holiday Season

No Doubt that Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas songs over the radio, decors everywhere, parties here and there, Christmas bazaars over at different malls and what this entails us to have? lots of Money! LOL! but then, as we all know that we are experiencing some kind of financial crisis not just here in our country but even to some first world country like the U.S as well.
We still wanted to celebrate and enjoy this special season that only comes once in a year. But we have to be extra careful as not to over spend too much and tries to spend only within the limits of our budget. Hubby and I are taking into consideration on cutting down on the not so important expenses we incurred for the gifts. before, we do buy expensive gifts to our god children. Now, I do buy educational gifts instead of buying expensive toys which I think is much better right?!
As for my gift to the husband, I really wanted to buy a new eyeglasses for him since his old one was broken already, he was so disappointed because it was kinda pricey and yet it didn’t last that long. It’s so nice to know that Zenni optical are offering a prescription eyeglasses for only $8 and can choose from many selection of frames. This is a great find since I can save a lot money and can even buy one for myself too!

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