Playing Cards

Playing cards was the favorite thing that my friends do way back then during my college days. Most especially whenever classes got suspended and the rest of the girls ended up in a house of a certain person living near the school. Activities includes endless chit-chats about anything under the sun, Boys, crushes, professors, love life, showbiz gossips, etc. etc. And when everybody is getting bored already, Some will put out their playing cards and will set the moods of the others once again.
I am no good at anything that deals with playing cards, maybe that is why I still don’t get lucky at any gambling thingy! The only thing I knew about playing cards is the solitaire. LOL! but it’s true. My grand mother taught me how when I was young that is! ahaha. that is why I couldn’t relate to my friends then whenever they play poker during those gimmicks sessions, but nevertheless I still do enjoy being with them.
I even remember how they complain that they are not comfortable playing the poker sets since they don’t have a decent and nice tables to play on. If only I knew about this american gaming supply back then. I would definitely suggest of buying some quality and comfortable Poker Tables to them. Since It has been a great way to bond with each other might as well invest on this kind of playing gears / furnitures right?!

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