Why Oh Why?!

……………Are some people so insensitive?


I don’t blame other people if I am having a hard time doing things on my own and if I think situation is getting unfair, I speak up my mind and let the person knew how I feel. I won’t leave someone puzzled as to why am I acting a certain attitude. We’re not on a guessing game show here and it’s like someone’s here playing a charade… well, what can I do? I just hate the feeling of indifference and I’m a transparent person. I don’t hide feelings most especially if it’s my pride at stake… haay, I hate doing negative bloggeries here.. but I need to release my tensions for me to move on… I am living to a standard of not minding other people’s business. I know, “To each his own” but it’s just so sad that I get affected by others moods’ swings…





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