My First and Last Tag

Thanks Tet and Rocks! Nope this is not my first and it ain’t gonna be my last, it’s just all about the firsts and last thing that happened in my life. Confusing ba? ahehehe!

* First real job: Office Staff
* First screen name: Lourdez
* First funeral: My Grandmother (Father side)
* First pet: Dog (brownie)
* First piercing: Ears
* First tattoo: Birthmark. LOL!
* First credit card: until now wala. bwahahaha!
* First kiss: When I was 22 years old!
* First enemy: hmmn.. i can’t remember na. Si Leo?! my childhood gay friend!

* Last car ride: this morning, off to work!
* Last kiss: this morning too, from Nicco.

Tagging: Soreal, Lizz, Juliana, Gracie.

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