Labor day!

It was really a labor day for me as i have done so many things. woke up at 5 a.m this morning to manually laundry our clothes! (still got no washing machine eh!) finished at 9 a.m. do take a breakfast. started to clean our room at 9:30 and up until lunch time I wasn’t done cleaning yet. sorting papers, documents and arranging pictures eat up most of my time. I’m really organized when it comes to filing important documents as i hate to cram and end up like as if robbers have entered our house and attacked our drawers in finding docs. Not to mention that the it’s very hot! the temperature hit 36 Degrees Celsius, so I didn’t “forced” the two kids to take their afternoon nap. they were out to watch kids playing games because it’s also fiesta here. today is the feast day of St. Joseph!

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