Into blogging mode again

I was too lazy to do some posts here these past few days as i am really pissed off with my computer and internet connection. I also had difficulty in trying to fix my blog’s theme as I don’t knew anything about HTML and the likes. I only knew MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint back in my college days! LOL! I googled some tutorials and thank goodness that it turned out fine. and I’m quite satisfied with the outcome as the comments re: my theme is positive. will try to keep this theme for quite sometime. I am also done with updating my links. will just have to post the long overdue photos of Gabby’s birthday last April 24 and her masterpiece during the t-shirt designing contest held in Jollibee yesterday and some photos that has been in my camera phone for 48 years already, will have to buy a new memory card reader and usb flash drive and we also have to save as we need to buy a new digicam .

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