A Lot About L!

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I wont include the famous term associated with “L” kasi nagpapaka-wholesome ako! nyahaha!

Name 10 Things that start with the letter “L”

  1. Lourdez– Since I was in kinder, I’ve been spelling my name with the letter “Z” not until I graduated from college and secure a copy of my birth certificate for my SSS, only to find out that the correct spelling is Lourdes. Susme! sa fixer lang pala nakuha ni nanay yung ginagamit ko na BC. I thought it was the original, super luma na and gula-gulanit yung BC ko, malay ko ba na fake yun! Ang ending sa mga valid docs naman eh Lourdes ako, school records lang ako Lourdez.
  2. Laptop-aiming to have one this year. crossing my fingers!
  3. Lipstick- need to buy one though i don’t use it often. i prefer—
  4. Lipgloss- need to get one too.
  5. Love- I am so full of this.
  6. Laundry- lots of it. need to do this on weekend.
  7. Lion- Last Sunday we went to SM Megamall to buy Nicco a gift, he got scared with a stuffed toy that looks like a real Lion! I’ve taken a photo but he doesn’t want to pose with it.
  8. Lamp– need to buy a new one, we want a teddy bear lamp.
  9. Little Lamb- Nicco sings ” ee ha a lilel lam” can’t understand it at first, but the rhyme sounds familiar, “mary had the Little lamb” pala kinakanta nya! LOL!
  10. Lean- need to loose 20 pounds. i am becoming overweight. makaya ko kaya?! sana! nyahahaha!
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