Summer Activities

We are thinking of what summer activity will be having for the two kids and for the whole family as well, but we don’t have enough money to enroll them in costly summer activities as wer’e saving up for the enrollment this coming June. And there are so many expenses that we will be incurring as Gabby will be turning four this April 27 and Nicco turns three next month on May 24. I’m thinking of just letting Gabby take her summer class in writing or just teach her by myself during my free time. I might resolve to the last one! Hahaha! Summer i think is more of a chance for the whole family to bond, as there are other ways to do without indulging in too much expenses right?! being together at the house playing around is more enjoyable. guess we’ll just have the inflatable swimming pool set up right at the comfort of our home and invite some of their cousins to play with them. having the kids learn new things makes them more excited and will become more confident about themselves.

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