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4 Jobs I’ve Had (present to past)
– Office Staff @ day Full time wife & mom after office hours (Present)
– Department Secretary ( Union Motor Corp.)- this after i got pregnant from Nicco.
-Office Staff (ROI)- this when i get pregant to Gabby.

-Before isang pasaway na bata na di akam kng ano gusto sa buhay! LOL!

4 Favorite Things To Eat
– Pasta (Same with SoReal)
– Pizza
– Cakes (Ube Cake made especially by Ate Irene! & Mocca Flavor, minsan Black Forest! hehe.)
– Sinigang na Baboy! 🙂

4 Places I Would Rather Be
-Disney ( w/ kids of Course!)
– Paris
– Australia (For sure Ian loves to be in this country! syempre nandito most of his relatives) -Italy

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year
– a Laptop!
– My own domain hehe (Ako din! LOL!)
– Out of the country vacation! (malabo ata! hahaha! kahit out of town na lang! to be realistic!)
– Stable Job for Ian or a small business for both of us! (I’m getting bored w/ my 8-5 sched!)

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