Interfaith Rally

Just a couple of minutes ago, I saw this number people that causes traffic along the Aurora Blvd. guess they are headed to Ayala Ave. to participate in the Interfaith rally thingy!!! Corruption has been our country’s problems long before we’ve evolve in this world. How many Edsa Revolution doess our country have to take? It’s been like a series of korean-novelas already. I guess we really are in need to pray for a MIRACLE for our dear country…

Dear God,

Please help our country, guide and enlighten our leaders. let them realize that the main purpose on being in their position was to serve the country and not themselves. a lot of our countrymen needs assistance. The poor, the sick and the needy. oh what money can do!
We do hope that at the end of this problems and controversies that our country is facing, may TRUTH & JUSTICE PREVAIL.


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