Meaning Behind Your Baby’s Name

I remember then when Ian and I was thinking of the name for our first child. As we all know, it is very important for a person to have a name that you will carry for the rest of your life. It serves as your identification and makes you a unique individual.

There are many factors to consider in naming a child. Others name their child after their parents, or their husbands, there goes the Juniors, III, IV…etc..etc.. Some name their child after their favorite celebrity or characters in a movie, television, even in books. Some naman, after the Saints and characters in the bible.

I personally, even search the internet on baby names meanings & their origins. I thought of the name GABRIELLE since she was a girl. I searched its meaning and i was delighted that GABRIELLE = is a feminine form of Hebrew name Gabriel which means “God is my Strength”. I chose LOUISSE as her second name. She was fondly called “Gabby” sounds masculine isn’t it? because i want her to be tough & independent as she grows.

My second baby is a boy. We named him DOMINIC KAROL Dominic means ” belonging to God”. her second name Karol was after Ian’s late mom CAROL. Since he was a boy we changed the first letter “C” into letter “K”! after all, Pope John Paul’s real name was Karol Wojtyla. His nickname is NICCO” I want “NICKY” sana to rhyme with “GABBY” LOL! but nicco sounds soft naman so ok lang. Because I want him to be a gentle person, for him to express his soft spot qualities! Not for him to become gay naman. Wala lang, I intentionally gave my girl a musculine nickname and my son a gentle name.

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